New Buses

I don’t really like new things. I could do without many of them – they stress me out, at least the ones I have to experience alone. Today I have to take a bus I haven’t before, and it’s an express where you pay at the end (according to ) which I haven’t done before. I’m feeling whiny about it, can you tell?

On the other hand, I’m loving the new online picture thing ProEx has going for them. It’s so amazingly simple and easy – I upload my pictures, tell them how many I want, and in an hour they email me and tell me it’s done. I go and pick up, and don’t even need to pay, because I took care of all that online ahead of time. Freaking wonderful! The only thing I’m missing is the ability to have matte instead of glossy prints, but I’ll live. I’m working on a project for my departure from : I’m sending everyone (OK, 99% of the kids and all important adults) a card with a picture inside. It should be really cool, if I can get it done in time. I’m almost set for pictures, now I just have to write the 50+ letters. I know it sounds a bit insane, but when I went to ‘s wedding in Boston last year, she and her husband Chuck wrote personal letters to every single attendee of the wedding and/or reception, and separate letters with gifts for those of us who were involved. It was mightily impressive.

I got my laundry finished last night, and cleaned off the floor, which had quickly become littered with purchases from the weekend and a guitar.

Things to do before getting on the 3:16 bus:

  • Mail book to purchaser (thanks,!)
  • Pick up photos at ProEx
  • Change clothes (I’d rather change into jeans and tennies before the bus rather than after)

I have some work to do – I should go do it and enjoy it while it’s here, since will be out the rest of the week. “Bring a book” comes to mind.