Bragging On My Kids (And Me)

So last night in youth group, the adults and kids met, sans moi, and prepared a time so the kids could get to share memories etc with me before I leave (since next week a lot of kids won’t be there and then the following week is our end of year picnic and last event). I wanted to share what the kids wrote down because it made me very happy, the things that they said. If you knew them, especially specific answers, you’d be amazed. It’s such a wonderful gift they gave me, to write down answers to these questions, then share some with me, then we prayed, and I got to take all the answers home with me. Beautiful. I’ll include their names so credit goes where credit’s due, and also because and know the kids. I also thought I’d stress what I liked best, and add my own comments.

1. Funniest thing you remember Kelly doing or saying

  • The funniest thing I can remember Kelly doing is when we went to the Halloween party at Clearwater and she dressed as Miss Piggy! …And oinked… LOL. -Katie I need to find that picture of me – I really enjoyed this too.
  • The funniest thing I remember Kelly doing or saying involved the Taste of Minnesota, a few missed buses and a long time in downtown St Paul… Also Kelly being able to beat Shane at “Honey If You Love Me.” –
  • Cake fight with Randy. -Tim Can I just say that this may be my favorite memory of my time at the church. I completely forgot to think before acting, but it was a lot of fun.
  • When Jade and I started laughing and got Kelly to laugh is something I will never forget. -Jazz
  • When she was in the “your mom” jokes at one youth group that shut Will and me up. -Shane
  • “Your Mom” jokes and cupcake fight. -Will
  • The cake fight with Randy. -Jade
  • Playing wacky-ball. -Sam Everyone should get to play wacky-ball sometime in their life. It’s kickball, but with a football, and the bases are run 2-1-3-home. It’s a great equalizer because everyone’s bad at it.
  • Getting yelled at at Happys for going down the slide. -Randy
  • Miss Piggy at Halloween Clearwater Retreat. -Ana

2. What has Kelly said to you that will remember most (or that sticks out in your mind)?

  • I will always remember how Kelly always gave me a look when I did something wrong (she smiled with a mad face)… funny. -Katie
  • That I am fine right now. –
  • God loves you. -Tim
  • Kelly always said, “They don’t have to like me!” -Carla
  • I’ll remember forever when Kelly gave Jade and I the “boyfriend” talk. -Jazz I so don’t remember doing this, but I’ve given a lot of girls the “boyfriend” talk.
  • All the different words for “butt.” -Shane and Will patookis, tookis, tooshie, rear, seat… the kids apparently came up with 20 while I wasn’t in the room.
  • That I’m funny and cool to be around. -Jade
  • Everybody is special through God’s eyes. -Sam
  • Randy be quiet. -Randy
  • I loved it when you read “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” and then you made the lion prayer thing.

3. What will you remember most about Kelly?

  • The thing that I will remember most about Kelly is her smile/laugh… her smile and laugh are the same… if that makes sense. -Katie
  • Her teaching me about God. –
  • How you stood up for your beliefs. You taught me to stand up for mine. -Tim Since Tim is one of my adult volunteers, this really means a lot.
  • You always had a welcoming smile on your face. -Carla
  • I will never forget how Kelly always made me laugh. -Jazz
  • How she taught us that worship can be fun and not boring. -Shane
  • Her hair. -Will
  • She’s nice and awesome! -Jade
  • She’s a vegetarian. -Sam I love that everyone remembers this, but no one seemed to be able to remember when I stopped being a vegetarian. But the church was great about being accommodating of this for most of the 2 and a half years I was there.
  • The curly red hair. – Randy
  • You’re the only person I know who is like you. You’re your own person. -Ana

4. Funniest or strangest thing you did in Kelly’s presence

  • Me and Ana always did funny or strange things in front of Kelly…. I’m strange… I know it!! LOL. -Katie
  • Broke a fan at church. –
  • Dress up at Clearwater Forest for a party or play. Walk on crutches for my picture. -Tim
  • Took off my pants (twice). -Shane I think I have to add that he had shorts on underneath, but two weeks in a row he took off his pants in youth group, and then took off his shirt too (he had another one on underneath), and I just ended up saying, stop taking off your clothes!
  • There are too many and I can’t think. -Will
  • Laugh attack with Jazz. -Jade
  • Rolling myself in the rugs. -Sam

5. Best memory of time with Kelly

  • My best memories are at Clearwater… we always seem to stay in the same room… fun times! -Katie
  • The night at church before I left for Africa with the “laying on of hands.” –
  • Mission Trip to Chicago. How tired we were on the last day but we kept going. -Tim I have never been that tired in my life. I remember just looking at Tim and thinking I could sleep standing up right there.
  • Supervising Kelly and the P girls in catching baby sunfish at the cabin was really memorable and a lot of fun. -Carla
  • Best memory with Kelly was at the winter retreat with Kelly walking in the snow. -Jazz
  • All of them. -Shane and Will
  • Winter Clearwater retreat. -Jade
  • I remember when you took me to Caribou to tell me the story from the Bible and when we were playing Cadoo, Malarky, Scattergories Junior! -Molly
  • The most part of the memory that I will remember about the Hands on Helping! I had a great time with you on the retreat! And when last year she used to drive me home every single Wednesday! And even when we went to the sleepover! And when we went to Panera Bread! For breakfast! -Molly
  • Playing wacky-ball. -Sam
  • The cupcake fight. -Randy
  • When you and Katie picked me up in summer to go work on the construction of the well for the skit we did. -Ana I love how memories evolve over time. This was actually Spring Break. The best part was when we spray painted the floor in the youth room, not on purpose. We made such a mess.

6. What have you learned about God or your faith from Kelly?

  • I had fun when you (Kelly) taught about Bible study… you made it funny.. so I remember (kind of)… Fun fun fun! -Katie
  • There’s not enough room on this paper… –
  • I learned a lot about praying, having God be a large part of my life. Relying on God in all things. -Tim
  • I have learned that fundamentalists and liberals get along just fine as they share their faith. -Carla Most of the people at the church are much more liberal than I am, and it was really OK almost all of the time. I stayed away from teaching certain topics, but other than that we really were able to have intelligent discussions and disagree. I liked that.
  • I learned that you really do need to get to know a person in order to like them. -Jazz I’m worried about what this might mean…
  • She has taught me to believe even when I’m in doubt. -Shane
  • That there are a lot of unlikely heroes in the Bible. -Will
  • Too much to write. -Jade
  • I have learned a lot with you and the Bible story and when we made the wax candle. That was fun! -Molly
  • I learned that God was really mad at the Israelites. -Sam
  • It’s like the book “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe.” -Randy
  • We learned to be more accepting of God and faith from you. -Ana

7. What is your wish for Kelly as she moves onto another stage in her life?

  • Kelly… I hope that you have fun… you are a fun teacher and kids will like you!! -Katie
  • I hope that you are happy where you are, and able to always find joy in your experiences. –
  • I wish you to be happy and fulfilled in your life. To be secure in your call to be a teacher. To know that you are a talented and special person. -Tim
  • Kelly, I hope that your life contains fulfillment. You will be in my continued prayers. -Carla
  • I hope Kelly will never forget us and have a great time teaching. I also hope she will visit. -Jazz
  • I wish/hope that the children who learn from her get to experience all the great memories we got to experience. -Shane
  • Don’t forget to have fun. -Will
  • I hope she has a great life and that her students aren’t as cool as us (they prolly won’t be). -Jade
  • My wish is that I hope you like being a great teacher! -Molly
  • Do well in her school and new job. -Sam
  • To be successful. -Randy
  • I don’t wish anything for you, because I know you will do well in life because you’re you, and no one can change that, only help it. -Ana

I’m humbled.