Last Words

Lest I leave you for the weekend thinking I am totally boy-crazy, I will attempt to talk about something unrelated.


I’m going to a youth ministry training event tomorrow. Its kinda strange, getting trained for something I won’t be doing so much of soon. But I’m not really leaving ministry forever – I’m just better as a volunteer, and will pursue that after an appropriate time of rest and recovery. Well, tomorrow’s event is all about “Reclaiming America’s Teenagers.” I had hoped for many of my volunteers to be going, but it is only one of them. Alas. It should be a generally good time, though, with the exception of needing to be there at 8:30 am.

I’m running errands tonight after work – Fields (they’re having a sale and I want a new outfit!) and Target (must stock up on ibuprofen). Then it’s 3 hours of fabulous TV! Enterprise (third to last episode), JAG (series finale), and Numbers (it’s just a good show, not spectacular, but worth watching). Happy.