Fashion Police Sighting

The bus is always a great place for fashion police sightings, but none are really worth repeating. This morning, though, I saw something that I can’t help but share.

A woman got on the bus – she was older than (so late 50s early 60s) but her age wore on her – she looked like my grandmother (either one). She was a rather big-boned woman, not delicate or frail in the least. She had big blond hair, an interesting choice for a woman clearly not “youthful.” Her toenails were painted pink, and she had cute shoes (though probably higher heels than someone of her age should have worn). I couldn’t tell you what kind of a top she was wearing; I was so taken back by her skirt. It was white and black floral, not a bad choice, one of those flowy ones – not pleated, not pencil, but fluid, the kind you have to be careful about wearing on a windy day lest you want everyone to see your undies. First of all, it was about six inches too short – just below mid-calf, and she didn’t have great legs to show off. Secondly, and here’s the kicker, she decided it was OK to go bare-legged, to not wear nylons. We’re talking about 60-year-old legs. Veins, liver spots, cellulite, the whole nine yards. It was incredibly unattractive. She probably could have pulled off the short skirt if she had worn some nice, controlling nylons. But no.

I may have to start going to the gym, just to avoid looking like that in 30 years. Of course, the women in my family have great legs, so maybe I don’t have much to worry about.