O Happy Day!

My elbow now moves enough that I can type with both hands. Yay!

At Wednesday’s doctor appointment I was diagnosed with tendinitis, which sounds pretty wimpy (tennis elbow anyone?), but since it had the ability to make me cry and lose sleep, it’s not really. I was told to take 600 mg of ibuprofen, ice it for 10 minutes several times a day, and given this band/wrap thing that is supposed to remove some of the pressure and/or support the injured tendon.

Yesterday I felt better but didn’t use the arm. Today I feel much better and, depending on the direction, have about 90* of movement. Great progress. It means I can type with both hands (hence no blogging yesterday, since typing with just the right one is annoying – doable, but annoying). Oh, and my weight at the doctor’s office was 138, which is spectacular! I’m happy with that number – often they think I’m 145 or more, and it’s just not true. As long as it’s under 140 I’m happy. More than that and I start looking… we’ll go with “unhealthy.”

In more good news, our shower was fixed, and the “revocation of our license of occupancy” notice that was on our door when I got home from work on Wednesday was apparently nothing to worry about (an overzealous fire inspector and a boiler that needs to be checked). Have I mentioned how glorious showers are? We hadn’t had a working one since the weekend, so I am deliriously happy (as my roommates are) about the change in that situation. It’s better than it has ever been before, both pressure and volume. Wonderful!

Liz and I helped out Amanda last night for the non-profit she works for. They had a benefit thing. I helped last year, and many of the same people were there this year, so I felt like I knew a bunch of the people. Also got to talk to Amanda’s friend Alyssa (who I could call my friend but I don’t have her phone number and don’t really know her well enough to go there, and acquaintance sounds so impersonal) – she was a big influence on the whole changing jobs / leaving the church thing, and she had heard that I was leaving and wanted to talk about it. That was fun.

My roommate Melissa is doing better, as well as can be expected. Tuesday she found out that a friend from high school (though they’ve known each other since first grade) died. Horrible situation, really. She was the one who made a lot of the phone calls to notify people. He’d been to our place a few times, so I’ve met him. Very tragic, the whole thing. The wake is 4-7 tonight and the funeral is tomorrow.

I’ve been fairly busy at work, too. They finally hired a new director for our department (since our old one retired in December), and she starts May 2nd. FormerBoss had been working on preparing a booklet of information for her (since she is his boss), which really means he decides what information to put in and I do all the real work. It’s good to be busy.