Pain In My—

Elbow. I can’t move it. At all. It’s the left one. I have a doctor appointment today at 2. It hurts so bad I couldn’t sleep last night, and that was after the Excedrin (which hasn’t lasted the full 6 hours but without it I just want to cry). I have no range of motion. Well, sometimes up to 30*, depending on when I last took pain meds and how its rotated.

I didn’t do anything that spurred this, that’s the thing. I did find (finally!) the swollen area, but it doesn’t hurt to touch it. My hand has swollen as well – I can’t get my ring off.

Do you know how inconvenient it is to not be able to bend your elbow? Think about getting dressed (you can’t clasp a bra with just one hand!), washing your face, oh, and washing my hair in the kitchen sink because our shower still doesn’t work (though I finally got a hold of someone about that).

There will be no guitar playing today at church. I will not be playing with the kids. And the doctor better give me some good pain meds. After that we can work on finding out what’s wrong. I need to sleep tonight.