Who Knew?

I got what I needed to make an omelet and hash browns, and headed back as soon as I found them all. She was playing the piano as I returned. Now if there’s anything as sexy as a girl playing a guitar, it’s a girl playing the piano. And she was good at it.

Dating Dummy

Who knew? Granted, he doesn’t speak for all guys, but it’s good to know it’s not just me (except for guys). I know lots of girls find guys who play guitar sexy. I personally think that guys who play the piano are on par with that, or, depending on the guy and his attitude etc, its sometimes sexier when they play the piano. I also know there are guys out there who think a girl playing the guitar is sexy as all get out – I’ve never been able to find out why, maybe its just intrinsic in the nature of the act. But the piano? Makes me want to find one and play for a while.