my weekend

kinda sucked. Now, it was filled with cool stuff, and I did have fun, but once you get the overall view, I think you’ll see where I’m coming from.

side note: I bought a new purse this weekend. Isn’t it cute? [Link removed] (Two small problems: no inner pockets, and it smells STRONGLY of plastic. I’m hoping the latter will go away.)

Friday night, I went to Pepito’s with and . The food was great, the margaritas were strong, and the atmosphere fun. I was a little buzzed. Went back to ‘s, watched a little TV, and then drove home because I wasn’t sleepy anymore.

Minor problem: Woke up, exhausted, at 2:30 am, thinking that all would be better if I just ralphed and fell back asleep. In the dark, without leaving bed (I was too tired for that), I attempted to find both water and Pepto. Finding both and self-medicating, I was finally able to fall back asleep. I did not ruin my 20-year no-vomiting streak, but those 20 minutes were awful.

reported on Saturday that she also did not feel well. We haven’t been able to discuss this with yet, so we’re not sure if it was the food or the drinks or the combination or just freak coincidence.

So Saturday I slept in. Actually woke up around eight (Scooby Doo was on TV, so I fell back asleep immediately), and then again at 10:30. Turned the TV back on, found something to watch, fed the cats, and lounged in bed. Around 11 I decided that I was still a little tired, so I laid back down with my head next to my yin-yang cats (they like to sleep arranged so that their bellies face in and they create a perfect circle). stretched out a paw and placed it on my nose. Later it was replaced by one of ‘s paws on my cheek, and then later by again. Apparently we were feeling affectionate.

Finally got out of bed around 12:30. Attempted to take a shower, but water pressure has again been cut in half (as well as volume) and there was no way I could get the shower to actually… shower. (If this doesn’t get fixed soon, I will be hairy and smelly.) Got dressed, found my coupons, and went shopping (Target and Cub). It had been over a month since I’d done real grocery shopping, so it took a while. Got back in time to unload and meet at the Science Museum for Omnifest (which is now over). We watched Amazing Caves, Kilimanjaro, Stomp’s World Beat, and Antartica. They were all very good. Only downside is that I get motion sick easily, so I spent most of the time sick to my stomach. At least after the first one we moved up to the center back, which helped a lot. It didn’t help that I was very hungry, having not eaten lunch (we were there from 4-9 pm).

Luckily, however, our favorite restaurant was open until 10, and just down the street. After giving wrong directions to get gas (accidentally, of course), she met me there. We had wonderful food and enjoyed ourselves. Back at home, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep for a while (large dinner including appetizers and desert at 10pm?), so I tooled around, did some reading, watched some TV. Finally fell asleep around 2-ish.

Woke up at 6:30 on Sunday with a fierce headache. I thought it might be the lack of sleep, but am still not sure. Wanted to shower it away, but was unable, again, to get a shower. No, wait, that’s not right. I did shower, but it was very unsatisfying – I spent most of the time with my knees bent trying to get my head under the water (my house, though it has 12-foot ceilings, was apparently built for midgets). Shower didn’t make the headache go away, so I took Excedrin. Got ready for church, made it there by 8 to practice for the special music. Headache faded, but not by much. Went to Sunday School over at Einstein Bros Bagels and grabbed a large Va-Vanilla (or va-va-vanilla, as I seem to be unable to drop that one syllable) in another attempt to make the pain go away. No such luck.

I would have gone home at this point to sleep off what felt like an impending migraine. But I had to stay for second service for special music. I lived through the service, and even my trip to Target and the Guitar Center afterwards (yes, I’m a Target junkie – knows to call Starbucks and Target before contacting police if I’m missing). I really don’t like going to Guitar Center, but it’s the only place around really to get new strings. I just couldn’t get my guitar in tune yesterday, and figured it was time for a change. I also bought a new tuner, which I have been without since mine was stolen from my office at a year and a half ago.

Back at home, I opened the windows and got a nice cross-breeze going. The light wasn’t bothering me and the pain had subsided some more, so perhaps I beat the migraine away, or at least downgraded it to a wicked headache. Ah, the joys of caffeine. I still had some nice shooting pains in my brain every time I stood up, so I spent most of the day lying in bed, watching TV and reading. I got up a few times to switch laundry over (got the towels done and a load of dress pants so I don’t have to wear skirts to work), but basically that was it. Around 8 I tried to eat my leftovers from Pepito’s, but only got about halfway through before losing my appetite. Was it the 2:30 am memory, general nausea, or bad food? Who knows.

Needless to say, the headache, while minor by the end of the day, was still with me when I went to sleep. This is usually a surefire way for me to wake up with a headache the next day. Thankfully, this morning I woke up feeling fine, even after being short on sleep and food. Still no shower, but if you read my last post, apparently it doesn’t matter. I don’t smell yet.

So, judge for yourself. Good weekend? Bad weekend? For me, it’s all overshadowed by the headache yesterday.