Random Things from the Last Few Days

Tuesday the bus home was packed. People were standing EVERYWHERE. I left a few minutes earlier than usual (and lately I’ve been leaving later and later), so this was new to me. There were no empty seats when I got on (as in, no 2-benches that had no one in them), so I grabbed a seat up front. The next stop more people piled on, and there are, at this point, only a handful of available seats. Maybe there were people standing by this point, I’m not sure. The lady next to me, though, was the rudest person on the bus (and this reflects the several pelvic areas that were in my face throughout the ride).

Here’s the seating at the front of the bus:

I’m the smiley-face. Those circles are poles, in case you were wondering. There was a guy sitting next to me, reading, in seat D. Rude Lady was sitting in B, but she was turned diagonally so that part of her butt (let’s be honest/vulgar – nearly a whole cheek) was sitting on C. After another stop, more people got on, and at this point, I’m feeling guilty for having a seat when there are so many people standing. But not guilty enough to give my seat up. I notice Rude Lady has picked up her bag, which was apparently sitting on seat A, so that someone could sit there. If you’ve been counting, she was taking up THREE seats, while there were probably a dozen people standing around. She still doesn’t straighten herself out, so she’s now taking up two spaces. This doesn’t change, and I at last get off the bus (a stop early).

Another bus story. I get on the bus yesterday morning, heading to work, and it’s kinda full. Not really full, but there’s a person on every bench, so I’m going to have to find someone to sit next to. I start walking down the aisle, and notice that all of these people with potential empty seats next to them have placed their book bags on those seats. So I have to ask someone to move theirs so I can sit down. Furthermore, this lady is sitting in front of me in the aisle seat, with her book bag next to the window, which is just not cool. If you’re going to ride the bus, you’re just going to have to get used to other people being in your personal space and sharing. Or don’t ride the bus.

Last bus story. Yesterday going home, some guy was sitting in the back singing along with whatever was on his headphones. Badly. At one point, a lady in front of me clapped, as to give him the idea that we could all hear him. People were looking around, clearly aggravated (or at least annoyed) at this… acoustical intrusion on our senses.

I’ve been trying to use up my minutes on my cell plan (they expire Saturday), but it’s too hard – I have nearly 200 left! I only get 300 a month (plus unlimited nights and weekends). I’d pay for less, but then I wouldn’t get unlimited nights and weekends, and I need those. On the plus side, called me last night and I could talk to her from inside my home. Amazing.

Last night, for a few moments, I turned into pond scum. So the people at don’t know I’m leaving yet – it’s not public knowledge. Last night, I was talking to the woman from whom I’m borrowing the car. Her son (whose car it really is) comes back from his freshman year at Purdue on Mother’s Day weekend, and she was thinking he would want his car back. I had been planning on this and figuring out arrangements for the rest of May. I asked her if I could keep it until the Wednesday after, which she said was fine. I made sure she knew how grateful I was for her family’s generosity and how it was such a blessing to me and an answer to prayer, blah blah blah. She told me that if her son got good enough grades, they were talking about getting him a better car, so I might “luck into” that one. I tried to ignore this, since I don’t really want a car after I stop working at – I can’t afford the insurance and gas, and I don’t really need it in the cities. The she started talking about how it was a win-win situation for her. They got to get the extra car out of their driveway, and they got to keep a youth pastor. Now I feel like crap. I so wanted to tell her, but it’s just not time yet. This has been something she’s said multiple times – how glad she is that I’m there, or that since the committee has stopped searching for an associate pastor it means job security for me, or whatever.

I might be telling the adults volunteers next week. It’s time, I think. And then the kids the week after.

I’ve been living in anticipation of May since January, and now that it’s almost here, I just don’t know what to do with myself.