If you’ve read my list of Pet Peeves, you know I hate talking on the phone. This afternoon, from 3:30-4:30, I’m the only person here to answer phones. Yech. The lady who usually does it then was taken to the hospital over lunch – her heart was racing and they took her away in an ambulance. So, to get me through these trying times (because you know it’s all about me), I had to get some Starbucks to make it through to 4:30 (though I had to pay in quarters, because that’s all I’ve got).

I had fun planning our Mexican fest we’ll be eating Sunday night. Apparently I really wanted to entertain, because I just went gung-ho on it all. While sadly there are two people who won’t be coming, it does mean I don’t have to be super vegetarian-friendly, which is a good thing.

My hand is still hurting. Did I mention that here before? [checking] Yes, yes I did. Today I wore my wrist brace to work, even though it’s not really my wrist at all. It’s all I’ve got, though. I’ll try to get to Walgreens tomorrow to get a glove-like thing, and see if that works.

I’m afraid I may have been mean to a youth group kid last night. I didn’t mean to, honestly. I mean, yes, she gets on my nerves a lot (and everyone’s), but I really do like her and didn’t want to be mean. I just used her as an example of good and bad choices to make. She seemed OK with it – I think she has pretty thick skin. Still, I may have to check to make sure she’s alright and didn’t think I was being intentionally cruel.

Can I mention the number of ugly people walking around with ugly green accessories? Please, people! How hard is it to look in the mirror before leaving the house? I’m surprised I wasn’t accosted by several groups of them (they appear to travel in packs) for not wearing green today. That’s right, I’m not wearing green. Why? I’m not Irish. Surprise! I know I’ve got the red hair and everyone thinks that means Irish, but I’m not. I’m Swedish. I’m a collection of recessive genes. Not that there’s anything bad with being Irish, it’s just not my heritage. Someone else shares this sentiment with me.

Good TV night, in case anyone was wondering what I’d be doing from 7-10pm. “The OC” may be my new guilty pleasure. Hey, I don’t watch “Desperate Housewives” or reality television. I don’t even watch soaps anymore, and Dawson’s Creek and all those other teeny-bopper shows I used to love, they’re all gone, gone. Sure, Buffy and Angel reruns are on weekends, and I enjoy those, but I have seen most of them.

Heard a new song on the radio that I fell in love with. [Searching for link] Ryan Cabrera, “Truth.” Well, he’s got an album coming out in June, so maybe it’s on that. It was new music. I’m having a hard time finding this one. [Checking the radio station I heard it on.] Wow, KS95’s site is slow. Or maybe its my connection. I can’t find it. Anyways, it was good. Listen for it.