I’m Walkin’ on Sunshine….

If that song was available on iTunes, I’d post it here now for you (by Katrina and the Waves). Alas, I’ve been looking for it for the last 6 months, and it still hasn’t shown up. Oh well.

I love the sun. It’s just about the only reason I put up with Minnesota winters. I may have written about this before – I can’t remember. Today it’s a beautiful 15 degrees out, with just a hint of wind (unlike yesterday, which was painful), and tons of sun. 15 isn’t bad – it’s the single-digits that kill me.

Were it not completely breaking the 1st commandment, I would worship the sun-god, or perhaps just the sun. I’ll have to settle for singing its praises. (You know I can’t pay homage to the sun the way others do – lobster red is not the best way to advertise the glory of the sun.)