Brief Summary

I know I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been… busy. Let me give a brief summary of the past two weeks.

  • Spent New Year’s Day at and ‘s house. We exchanged gifts. I almost got stranded there – bad storm – but made it home safely.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Chaos surrounding senior high retreat last weekend – confusion in registration led to nearly having to rent a hotel, trying to find vehicles at last minute, etc.
  • Stayed home sick Friday – slept until 12:45. That kinda killed the day, since we left for the retreat at 5:30. Contrary to popular belief, no one was injured on the ride up to camp, although I did, at times, divine (“stop screaming, turn around and put your seatbelt on before I have to pull this car over!”)
  • Retreat was… long. While I don’t mind the cold all that much, or the snow, I realized that I really don’t like winter sports. At all. It just means cold feet and cold hands and cold everything else, and injuries while cold are really not fun.
  • Lots of shopping.
  • Yesterday was nearly a comedy of errors, except that it really wasn’t funny. I locked my keys inside my house, with my cell phone (which has the phone numbers for the roommates) and the papers I needed for a meeting at that night. Called house several times trying to catch someone, but no luck. Huge pile of laundry led to an outfit that was entirely too warm for the day. Since I was still locked out of my house after work, I couldn’t make the pie for the church meeting, so I had to buy one (of which no one actually ate, so its now at my house waiting to make me plump). Only one person showed up for my meeting (and she was allergic to chocolate, so the French Silk pie from Baker’s Square was not an option for her), and although we were very productive, it speaks volumes to the importance of a senior high youth program at our church.
  • Left church, drove 10 minutes, realized I had forgotten the pie at the church, turned around and drove back because it was indeed one of those days where pie would be needed at the end.
  • Finally got home around 9:30 with a headache (due to not having eaten all day) and being very grateful for roommates being home to answer the doorbell and let me in. ‘s main concern was the lack of food in her bowl, while was slightly more loving, but only briefly.
  • Today, not surprisingly, is much better, but that wasn’t really hard. I found my keys, remembered my cell phone, and shortly will leave for lunch. I will do laundry tonight and call as I told her I would on Sunday night, to discuss career changes (she works as a junior high band director – why haven’t I talked about this to her before? who knows).

See, you didn’t really want me sharing anything more than the bullets, did you? I thought so.

Now, if anyone can find me a cute bento box (with multiple tiers or at least sections) for under $40, that will make my day. Or… flowers. Or a cute guy showing up at work. But I’m not holding my breath. Just making it through will be a vast improvement.