I think I can finally describe in words why I’m leaving formal ministry. Besides the obvious inadequacies I feel about my ability to do the job, that is. I get so annoyed with the kids’ behavior. Now, I know these will be the exact same kids that I’ll be teaching in the schools, but I’m pretty sure it won’t aggravate me nearly as much in that context. Shouting out inappropriately in class vs. during worship – no doubt which I have more problems with. Plus, the school system is so more… regulated, and there are consequences that are obvious and, to be frank, expected. Its just so… difficult, discipline-wise, in church ministry, especially if it comes down to actual punishments. Then its a question of good parenting and if its really important and your judgment is questioned and it’s just so d*** frustrating! I can’t handle it anymore. Youth retreats should not be the place where I realize why I don’t want to be in ministry anymore.