Trigger #124: Surprise …

Your on your way out the front door to go to work and you find a basket outside your door with a tiny baby in it. The baby looks healthy and happy and doesn’t seem to have been there very long. Pinned to the basket is a note asking you to please take care of this child and raise her/him as your own. You alert the authorities and after several weeks of trying to find the baby’s mother they ask if you want to keep the baby. What would you do? Could your lifestyle that you live now be able to handle a baby? Could you give the baby to the state knowing that the baby has no one in this world? Explain your position and what you would do! I was thinking of a similar situation (OK, not really) this morning when the Today Show reported that there are many children who have been orphaned by the tsunami, and my first thought was, “I’ll take one, or two….” Clearly not a rational thought, but still my first instinct.

As far as this baby on my front door….I would like to say I would definitely keep the baby. I’ve thought about adopting for a long time and have always preferred it over actually giving birth myself. My lifestyle would have to change – working two jobs would not be possible, I’d have to control my spending, and generally learn how to live for someone else and not for myself. My plans for attending school would be up in the air, also, since I’m not sure I could work full-time, pursue a Master’s degree, and be a mother. I think, however, that all of that wouldn’t compare to the rewards I would receive from having a child in my life. Would something like this happen, I am convinced it would be because God wanted me to have this experience and clearly had a plan in mind.

Today’s Word of the Day

chaparralchaparral (shap-uh-RAL, chap-) noun. A dense, often impenetrable, growth of shrubs and thorny bushes. [From Spanish chaparral, from chaparro (dwarf evergreen oak), from Basque txapar (thicket).]