Trigger #123: Heaven …

A tragic incident occurs and leaves you dead. You find yourself at the Pearly Gates and they begin to ask you several questions before you may pass into heaven. Of all the questions they ask you this is one of them.

  • Do you think you belong in Heaven? Why? What will you tell them? Keep in mind that they know the truth and you cannot lie to them. If you lie you are automatically kicked out of Heaven. I would say that naturally, I don’t belong in heaven, I don’t deserve heaven, and have done nothing that could earn my entrance into heaven. However, I do know the Man who paid my entrance fee, and He wants me there to spend eternity with Him.

Today’s Word of the Day

skookumskookum (SKOO-kuhm) adjective Powerful; first-rate; impressive. [From Chinook Jargon, from a Chehalis word meaning spirit or ghost.]