Sorry to be so boring

Unfortunately, the only posts I’ve managed to get around to lately have been of the fill-in-the-blank types. Well, let’s see if I can add some actual quality stuff here. (Don’t get your hopes up.)

Flew home, had Christmas, lazed around a bit, flew back. I don’t recommend American Airlines. Delays both ways. It’s a pickin’ one hour flight, and both times my delays were… one hour-ish. Yeah. However, the trip back it was cloudy the whole way, and as we flew over the clouds, it looked like we were flying over the ocean. An ocean of… cappuccino foam. An ocean without waves, but it was still gorgeous. And it was really cool to look out over this ocean of clouds (that were so thick it took us several minutes to fly through them upon descent) and see shadows of still larger, higher clouds on the lower ones.

Other than that, not much is going on. Work. I went to Barnes & Noble last night and got some cool stuff with the giftcard from (I’ll have to talk about that later).

Got some cool stuff for Christmas, most notably a digital camera from . More exciting was that everyone loved what I gave them, which felt infinitely better than having received cool gifts.

I plan nothing for New Year’s Eve. Maybe I’ll stay up late enough to watch the ball drop, but I might just go to bed. No, it’s not sad, it’s choice. I really don’t like parties etc, especially the whole New Year’s Eve thing and kissing someone at midnight (which I’ve never had) and driving with all the drunks on the road and so forth. I haven’t done anything for New Year’s Eve since… sometime in college, when and I went, with her parents, to some friends of her parents and had a little shindig.

I’ve been outbid again on ebay. I’ll be busy with that until the close of work.

Have a safe holiday! I’ll be back on the 3rd of January, 2005!