Trigger #111: Hobbies/Crafts…

  1. Do you consider yourself a crafty person? Sometimes. I go through phases. Last year I was in a bead phase. Other times I’ve been in home decorating phases, sewing my own clothes phases, and taking pictures phases. Am I particularly good at any of these? No. But being creative helps me think better, and can get my mind off other stressors if needed.
  2. What kind of crafts or hobbies do you like to do? List all of your hobbies and/or crafts that you like to do. I like interior decorating (as evidenced by the re-arranging of the furniture in my bedroom this weekend, for the fourth time since I moved in late September). I’m hoping that roommate will teach me to knit sometime this winter – tried years ago, but she’s left-handed and I’m not, and it just didn’t work. I’d love to be able to paint, but I seem to have no talent in that area.
  3. Have you ever sold anything you’ve made? No, not that I can remember.
  4. Did anyone teach you how to do this or did you teach yourself? If someone taught you how to do something who was it? taught me how to sew (along with some help from Home Ec in junior high).
  5. Do you make things for other people and give them as gifts? I have been known to. Last year I made a necklace for for Christmas and she loved it. I also gave beaded snowflake ornaments to a bunch of people. For Christmas a few years ago I made a recording for both of my parents (of me playing the piano, which is a creative exercise, depending on how you look at it).

Today’s Word of the Day

ascetic (noun, adjective) [ah·SET·ik] noun

  1. a person who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline adjective
  2. practicing great self-denial: “I cannot seem to convince my ascetic husband that you don’t have to sleep in a tent when you travel.”
  3. pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline; ‘ascetic practices’
  • adverb form: ascetically
  • Origin:Approximately 1646; from Greek, ‘asketikos’: laborious, from ‘asketes’: hermit, monk, practicioner, from ‘askein’: to exercise, to work.