All day yesterday and today I’ve been confused by the fact that today is Friday. Now that it’s 4:45, I very glad the weekend is here, but still a little thrown. It’s been a long week, but I didn’t really do that much. I think I just got about 45 minutes off in my sleep schedule. I should fix that this weekend.

This weekend, as last, holds no plans or excitement, officially. and are supposed to come over to my “new” place sometime, but I haven’t heard when that is yet. wants to go to Tanpopo, but I just ate there yesterday for lunch, so I wasn’t too enthused about the idea. We’ll see. I have to make phone calls for stuff, and after the second service on Sunday we’re decorating the building for Christmas, including putting a tree up in the youth room. That should be fun. Oh, and I need to balance my checkbook finally. I’ve been delaying that for… over a week now.

Time to get home to the kitties and figure out what’s for dinner. Maybe I’ll order pizza…