Today, I am double-booked. This never happens to me. Granted sometimes I have very busy weeks where I’m at Church 3-4 nights in a row, but double-booked? Never! Unfortunately I had to cancel the first scheduled meeting for a staff meeting at Church. While the staff meeting is important (and quite frankly mandatory), I had to cancel it for a volunteer interview/meeting with what sounded like a very attractive gentleman. I have no idea, having never seen him, but he sounds nice on the phone. And he’s been very accommodating. And I’ve given him a VERY bad first impression.

I was supposed to meet him last Tuesday night (this was the first reschedule, and I’m not sure why we had to reschedule the week before that, but I’m pretty sure it was him), but my MapQuest directions got me VERY lost. It was so frustrating. I was sure I would run out of gas, I was very lost in downtown Minneapolis, and I called Liz several times for phone numbers and directions help, but to no avail. I could not get a number to contact him. So finally, at 6:51 (our meeting was scheduled for 6:00), he called me on my cell, at which I attempted to apologize profusely, and we rescheduled for tonight.

I’m not giving him a very good impression.

While I usually get lost downtown Minneapolis, I don’t normally have to reschedule meetings three times in order to get it right. I sound flaky. Not good. Let’s hope he’s not cute or single or… whatever.