Our Lady of Perpetual Darkness

I walked outside of my building last night after work and remembered:

oh yes, Daylight Savings Time has passed (or is here, I never remember which is which), and now I live in the land of no daylight.

It’s dark when I wake up (sunrise: 6:53). It’s dark when I get off work (sunset: 4:59). In order to see daylight (I try not to get my hopes up to see the sun until its super cold and snow covers the ground, because it won’t show up until then) I have to make sure I go out for lunch. Or I could stop working altogether, although I don’t think they’d keep giving me a paycheck.

Oh, and it’s raining on and off most of this week.

Anyone want to move to Minnesota?

For kicks…

Our Lady of Perpetual Help icon.There is a Catholic school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. Wouldn't you want to go there?