Things That Make It Worthwhile

One of my volunteers at has always been very encouraging. He’s a great man and I’m sad that he chose not to continue volunteering this year. He’s getting closer to retirement (I think) and perhaps he just wants to spend more time with his wife and grown kids (are there grandkids on the way? perhaps).

At any rate, his encouragement has always taken a special form. I don’t lock my office at . The lock is tricky and testy and it’s just not worthy my time and effort. He’s taken advantage of this to leave me little notes every once in a while. Some examples:

May God grant you all that you need this day to carry out His will.

Sometimes they’re more lengthy:

I want you to know that I will be praying for you and the youth this year, and thank God for His faithfulness in bringing someone like you to this church family. Keep (over)
living out what has been placed on your heart.


Just a note of thanks to you for making the Word of God come alive for the youth here at FPC as well as myself. Your sharing and teaching about the Bible is a real blessing to us all. (over)

doing a great job of sharing what God has given you.”]My most favorite arrived just a few weeks ago.

. God's peace to you this day. (over)”]Nothing special, right? But then, check out the back side:

We need more Post Its.

That just made me smile.

What’s made you smile recently?