Political Revelations

I had some quite interesting political revelations this past week. First I was reading the Children’s Defense Fund’s Legislative Scorecard and realized that all the people I would vote for were democrats. Then I was reading this month’s Real Simple and decided to evaluate the presidential candidates. I put little stars next to the things I agreed with, frowny faces near what was bad, and wrote BAD if it was really a horrible thing (an example? partial birth abortion). It was close, but Kerry came out ahead, with only two BADs (GWB had 3) and three more stars. I’m still undecided – I have to look closely at the BADs and frowny faces and stars and really evaluate each of their values. I’m really about 50-50 on the two of them (like much of the nation, I fear).

This shouldn’t really be all that surprising. Every political-party test I’ve ever taken has had me coming out in the middle. I like spending money the way the Democrats do, but with Republican morals (not values, morals).

Just thought I’d share.