Good News

Talked to and his wife () last night on the phone. Last time I talked to them she had just started radiation for the cancer, a treatment she hadn’t tried before since she also has Lupus. But one of the spots on her spinal cord had grown, so they needed to work on it. Well, after two weeks (5 times a week) of radiation, apparently the pain is gone, which the doctors are taking as a good sign. She has a bone scan every 3-4 months, so we’ll know in a month or two what the situation is, but the doctors sound optimistic. She didn’t have any major side-effects, so that’s good too.

Nothing else is going on. I get to leave at noon today, since my ride is picking me up at 12:3o from home to go to . From there I can pick up my borrowed car again, and be independent. Apparently there was nothing wrong with it. See how much I know about cars? Car doesn’t start – not a problem! Who knew?

Rockin’ out to: Noisy co-workers — get some respect, man!