I went for an absolutely lovely walk last night. Since I was without a car and needed to pick up my dry cleaning and some food for dinner, it was the perfect opportunity. I brought my new cell along and even got a call (which was terribly exciting, even if it was “just” from ).

My neighborhood is wonderful! Just a few blocks from where I used to be, and it’s much the same, but different enough as well. There are many more trees, and it feels very residential, almost suburban (in that old-school-suburban kind of way, not the new cul-de-sacs and no trees and every house looks the same kind of way), but at the same time there is so much around that is convenient.

I saw houses that were brick, stone, sideboard, stucco, and all combinations of the above. They were gorgeous. There are so many squirrels in my neighborhood, as well. (really wanted to catch one this weekend while he was outside, but alas, he was on a leash.) It smelled wonderful, and everything looked beautiful. Leaves have started to fall, and as I walked down the sidewalk I crunched on yellow and brown elm leaves that had piled up. I wanted to skip down the street, but I controlled myself.

I walked behind two old me in conversation as they went to the cigar store. I walked past the F. Scott Fitzgerald house (who knew?). I walked past the restaurant, “La Cucaracha,” which actually has a mural of a cockroach on the side of the building. ( refuses to ever go to this restaurant on the basis that it is named The Cockroach, and I completely understand, although they’ve been around for a long time and are, from what I’ve heard, a very good restaurant.)

I picked up my dry cleaning, and called, so I forgot to stop by Ace, but I think I’ll go for another walk tonight, so I can stop there. On the way back, I stopped at Mississippi Market to get avocados, cheese and bread for dinner. (I had a fancy grilled cheese – with Havarti, avocado and sprouts on sourdough – inspired by the recent edition of Real Simple).

If you’re in my neighborhood and you’d like to enjoy a walk,

you can try mine,

but basically you can’t go wrong, regardless of which direction you turn (unless of course you manage to go far enough west and north that you hit the best place to buy crack in the Twin Cities, which is really only three or four blocks west and two or three north).

Then later that evening I cleaned up the front room (where I’d been storing all my unpacked boxes) and talked with about painting (very excited, may end up painting the whole place, because, really….) and convinced her to get rid of the rug in the front room because it’s hideous and disgustingly dirty. Very exciting. Wonder how much I can get done before gets here next month?

Rockin’ out to: “Heaven Help Us All” by Ray Charles & Gladys Knight, on Genius Loves Company

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