Lots of Shopping

Boy, did I shop this weekend!

Friday I bought two pairs of brown shoes (one to replace my Docs that were pieces of crap, and one pair of boots because I wanted them and they were cute), and then I broke down and bought a poncho – I’d been watching the prices at Fields and they went from 38.00 to 29.99 to finally 24.99, so I got one before all the good ones sold and only the crappy super-trendy ones were left.

Then after my doctor’s appointment I went to Target and stocked up on things for the new place – nothing too terribly exciting, except for a lot of Coca-Cola (current “chocolate”). BTW, after that last link I found this, just further evidence that astrology is mostly bunk – I never “draw it out” to make it last – very much not into the delayed gratification thing when it comes to food.

Then Saturday and I went to Organized Living so I could get new shoe bags since my old one was an over-the-door and my closet doesn’t have a door. We also went to the MOA to look at DSW’s shoe collection, but they didn’t have the Sketchers I was looking for, so we didn’t buy anything.

I also did grocery shopping.

Sunday after I stopped at the Super Target to get a black shirt to go under my new poncho (which I’m wearing today along with black pants and must say I look very svelte) and heel pads for new shoes and a light for my closet and some other miscellany. I did get new body wash, since I’m almost out of my Dove and it doesn’t really suds up well in the bathtub, even when I run the jacuzzi jets. What I got sounds incredibly yummy, and I almost wish I was out of my old stuff so I could start using the new stuff, but, it may not be fantastic since it’s not super-moisturizing. That’s what lotion’s for, though, right? This becomes important since this morning while waiting for the bus it was a chilly 34 degrees. That’s just 2 above freezing!

The soap I got?

Vanilla Brown Sugar

You can get it here [link removed], or at a variety of drugstores, I’m sure. Yum-my!

Just in case you’re wondering – no, I didn’t hit the jackpot. I just apparently decided to spend ALL of my paycheck within the first 3 days.

Rockin’ out to: A Little Less Conversation by Elvis

Wisdom Source: No reading for pleasure these days – all spare time is spent unpacking, cleaning, or preparing lessons for either youth group or Sunday School