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Kelly’s Update on Life!

With your host, Kelly!

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I’m not sure at this point who knows what about my life, so I thought I’d just clarify everything to everyone.

First of all, I will not be laid-off or downsized, or even reassigned or given a new position title. My layoff was rescinded yesterday morning, so the situation was only in limbo over the weekend. For those who don’t know, we’ve been doing layoffs etc at the state, and when you’re union that really just means you can get bumped by someone more senior than you to a lesser position. I love unions. Since I’ve been at the state, we’ve been in a hiring freeze (2 years!), so there are very few people in my position with less seniority than me, especially now that the two departments are fully merged. Yay. Hopefully this won’t come up again soon.

Secondly, I have found a place to live and will be moving in two weeks. My new place is just six blocks from where I am now – it is an apartment/roommate situation with two really great girls, Karla and Melissa, who I didn’t know before but am excited to get to know. We seemed to have a lot in common when we met. The cats will be able to move with me, which is also good. It’s the first floor of a house, just a few blocks closer to downtown St Paul, which means the neighborhood is slightly nicer than my current one. I really wanted to stay in my neighborhood, so I’m glad about that. High ceilings, big kitchen, jacuzzi bathtub, lots of things to be excited for.

Also, an update on the Associate Pastor search that is going on at Church. For reference, when this person is hired, my position will cease to exist, which is why I am considered “interim.” Back in August, the committee looked very closely at two candidates. One was out of the running fairly quickly (I don’t know if they withdrew their application or we lost interest), and the other one looked promising. Last week the committee had a long meeting with this person. Unfortunately, this person withdrew their application. So, the committee is starting all over again. I won’t be leaving there any time soon, it appears. Prayers would be appreciated for this situation. While it isn’t a bad one for me, I have been there two years now, and am kind of wanting to move on. The job description is huge, and the salary probably slightly lacking, so it will continue to be hard to find the right person.

Well, that’s the big stuff that’s going on here. Anyone that’ll be in the Twin Cities area the weekend of the 25th is more than welcome to come help me move! 🙂 Sounds like fun, huh?

I hope that you are doing great and enjoying the fall weather wherever you are. God bless!