Let’s review, shall we?

Just to recap, here’s the current situation I’m dealing with:

  • Need to move at end of month, still have not found place to move to
  • Even if I do find a place to move, let’s remember how stressful in and of itself moving is
  • Oh, the place needs to take 2 lovable although sometimes obnoxious cats
  • At work, we’re also moving. It’s part of the merge completed last July, so now we’re moving thousands of employees diagonally across the street-corner. This means… moving everything, including what appears to be daily billions and billions of files. The move has not been terribly well organized, and every day changes are made. Hmm… stressful? Yes.
  • Also, this move means that I’m actually busy at work, every day, all day. This means all the work for church I usually do while here doesn’t get done. It needs to get done later. But when?
  • The school year started, which means that all the programs at church are going full-speed. September kinda snuck up on me. Hate how it does that.
  • I have no car. A wonderful woman from church is letting me borrow her son’s (while he’s away at Purdue), but it makes seriously scary noises. I’d like to get a new one soon, even if it makes the same noises, just so that it’s mine.
  • Oh, at church, how long I’ll be staying there is still up for grabs. In June, it was September, but now it looks like November. This… is stressful. Just wish I knew when it was all going to change. I also started to plan my life this fall around the presumption that I would not be working at church. So, I’ve got additional commitments that I really don’t have time for (like working at the Bridge).

So, life is stressful right now, to say the least. It’s amazing some days that my head just doesn’t pop right off.

But here’s the kicker. My two bosses sat me down today to tell me that there’s the possibility that I could be laid off. That’s right. Even though I’ve been here almost two years, I am nearly on the bottom of the seniority roster, because there’s been a hiring freeze the entire time I’ve been here, first a soft one and now a hard one. There’s also layoffs, and since I’m union, it means that I’m not really without a job, but might have to change jobs, work for a different department or in a different building and definitely in a different position. Now, that’s only if someone else decides to bump someone else who bumps someone else who bumps someone else who bumps me (or something like that). Won’t know until next week sometime. Bosses are also trying to not let this happen, including talking to The Man In Charge Himself. Not sure exactly what that involves, but because union stuff is involved, it probably involves a title change at least.

My bosses are not happy, because they want to keep me. This is good for my job security in staying here. And really, I didn’t freak out too much, because I actually won’t be jobless (unless I choose to, and why would I do that?) since there are options. Much different than when I was fired, effective that date (Tax Day, mind you), and no further options. Really loving the union right now.

Can I take much more? Really, I think that earlier my head completely exploded and this is all a dream of some brain matter floating around in space somewhere.

Prayers for sanity are greatly appreciated.