It’s a gorgeous fall day outside, with the cool breeze and the sun still shining but not overpoweringly so and fall outfits are so fun. Really. It’s now that time to wear sweaters and pants and multiple layers, but because you can, not because you have to. All summer when I wore sweaters with another layer underneath, it was because my office was freezing. Or it was because it was after having been 80 for a day or two. But now… it’s just wonderful. I’ve mentioned before. Today it makes me happy. I wish I had time to go apple-picking, on a long drive out into the country, or something else perfectly fall. However, I need to pack up all my earthly possessions, also pack up my office at work (not my cube, my office, as in the whole freaking department), finish polishing the lessons for fall Sunday School, write most of the lessons for fall youth group, and get some sleep in there somewhere. Isn’t fall great?