My Blogger Sweatshirt

A while ago (last fall?) I received a sweatshirt with the Blogger logo on front. It’s very soft and cuddly. You can’t tell from this picture, but it feels like a big hug, just to put it on.

No, I'm not selling for Blogger.

(But in case you’re intrigued, here’s the store.)

Why do I bring this up? Well, it’s that time of the year. I spend a good six months of the year dreaming about wearing tank tops, putting them on at ridiculous moments (like when it’s 30 below because I live in the frozen artic tundra) and then complaining I’m cold, and in general lusting after my large collection. I try to layer them with other articles of clothing so I can wear them to work, to church, to… wherever.

But now it’s that other time of the year. The time where I long for sweatshirts and comfy pants and cuddly blankets. However, it’s pickin’ hot outside. OK, today isn’t that bad (77 F), and the humidity dropped majorly overnight (down to 52%), but it’s still tank tops and shorts weather outside. The idea of being snuggly almost makes me cringe (well, except from inside my cube here at work, where it’s freezing every day of the summer).

We’ll probably have an Indian Summer, too, considering how late it got warm this year. deep sigh.