Incidentally… (or perhaps accidentally)

I have a really large bruise, and I don’t know how I got it. When I got home from canoing, there it was. It’s about the size of my fist, and dark purple and you can see veins and everything. I’d post a picture, but the only way to do that would be to let take a picture of my butt with her camera-phone, and that’s just not going to happen. That’s right, it’s on my butt. Now, I usually take note whenever my butt is touched, so you’d think I’d know how I got a huge bruise. But, no. I have no idea. Maybe I was briefly abducted by aliens…. Do I have any repressed memories about that? Can you have repressed memories from 3 days ago?

I got a new beta for work. His name is Sequel (because he’s the second, duh). He’s mostly blue, unlike Monster, who was mostly red. He’s also kinda tiny. He’s living in a bowl with purple rocks and a hydroponically-growing vine of some sort that a co-worker cut for me. I don’t know if they’re allowed to live together, but I guess we’ll see. And yes, I know that betas are carnivores and need to be fed something other than plant roots. I’ve got it covered. But how do I feed the plant?

Really, this day is getting to be too much. “Only an hour left” is not consolation at the moment. That’s more than enough time to go play in the code…. (make it stop!)