Long time…

I’m finally catching up on sleep from my trip to Savannah! I haven’t felt like blogging since I’ve been back (relax, it’s only been since Saturday night, and I only have a computer at work), but thought I owed my non-existent public an excuse and at least one post before I leave again.

That’s right, I’m leaving again. Tomorrow I head down to Peotone, Illinois, for ‘s wedding. I’ll be back next Wednesday though. The last trip was good. Unfortunately, all the pictures I’d uploaded in the week before I left… mysteriously left my server. I’ve had time to fix some of them, but not all of them, so you’ll just have to suffer. Sorry.

Maybe will guest blog while I’m gone, maybe not. We’ve both been pretty busy. She’s got some family stuff going on too, and a lot of trips away on weekends for the rest of the summer.

It’s ‘s birthday today. Happy Birthday (even though he doesn’t read this, primarily because I haven’t told him about it and don’t think I want to….)!!! Love you! See you soon!

Rockin’ out to: Silence
Wisdom Source: Return of the King, of Lord of the Rings (I finally finished Pride and Prejudice! You MUST read it! It is WONDERFUL!!!!!)
Today’s Wisdom: Wisdom? What’s that? I’m lucky I can walk and talk at the same time.