Commie is the new name of my PDA, an iPAQ 3955. I didn’t want to name it Packer, in case people thought I was a Wisconsin Packers fan. Commie, however, has prompted me to attach this graphic to his exterior:

And you know Communism is EVIL

My car’s name is Sly (as in Sylvester). He looks like this [picture removed].

Prior to that, I owned a 1992 Honda Civic LX in navy blue. He was never named, which was supposed to prolong his life, but it didn’t work.

There was Skippy [picture removed] who was both my first car and my fourth car. I drove Skippy in high school for two years, and then got to drive him while I was in college. then bought me Merle, [picture removed] who lasted many years, through college and into Michigan. then owned Skippy, and sold him to me (Merle was given to a college professor). He had a computer problem, and I drove the church van for several months. Briefly I drove a really old truck. Skippy was fixed, and then promptly died again, when I bought my Civic. Which died on Labor Day 2003. And then I bought Sly.

Other things that have been named? Most recently, the squirrels that hang outside our apartment, Merle, Berle, Earl, and Girl.

I’m sure some of you have great stories – please share!

Wisdom Source: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
Today’s Wisdom: Proverbs 10:7, “We all have happy memories of the godly, but the name of a wicked person rots away.”