Stealing this from someone else’s blog, who stole it from a friend…

A – Act your age? I prefer to think not. As I turn [gasp!] 26 next week (thank goodness I’ll be gone and no one will know), I like to think that age means nothing (but if it didn’t, why would I care if anyone knew my age?). I also like to think that sometimes I act like a goofy teenager (or younger), and sometimes I act wise beyond my years. That’s probably just wishful thinking. No one’s ever said to me, you have an old soul.

B – Born on what day of the week? Saturday

C – Chore you hate? Cleaning the toilet (ewwwww!)

D – Dad’s name? Wesley

E- Essential makeup item? Mascara. I almost never leave the house without it.

F – Favorite actor? I currently have “crushes” on Vincent D’Onofrio and Ivan Sergei.

G – Gold or silver? Silver. Gold disappears on me, since my coloring is so pale and I have red hair. Trust me.

H – Hometown? St Charles, Illinois, a far suburb of Chicago.

I – Instruments you play? Piano since 2nd grade (that’s 18 years) and guitar (self-taught, self-professed to be not very good)

J – Job title? Administrative Support Staff / Interim Youth Ministry Director (depending on employer)

K – Kids? Nope. 2 cats, and , who are featured often here. Also, I have PCOS, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to have kids. I’d love to adopt instead of giving birth, especially if I can’t, or if I’m not married in a “few” years.

L – Living arrangements? Cute, cozy “2”-bedroom apartment with and our 2 cats and 2 fish. Wonderful balcony that’s huge, with ‘s hammock on it and some plants. Great view of downtown from our kitchen table.

M – Mom’s name? Karen

N – Need… $$$. Blinds in my bedroom (it’s only been 9 months that I’ve been changing in front of an open window…). More time to sleep. A new job.

O – Overnight hospital stays? Not really. One nighttime trip to the ER for… digestive tract stuff, but I didn’t really stay overnight, just until like 4 am.

P – Phobia? Any place or event where I have to enter alone or potentially be alone in a crowd. Strangers. Talking on the phone. Can we say, Social Anxiety Disorder?

Q – Quote you like? “wisdom begins in wonder” is my current (Socrates).

R – Religious affiliation? Christian, evangelical, Calvinist, probably Baptist, Evangelical Covenant.

S – Siblings? One sister who’s 24 this year in August and is married.

T – Time you wake up? Between 6 and 8:30. Yeah, I know. My alarm goes off at 7. Sometimes I wake up before then, but don’t make myself get out of bed like I should. Nobody cares when I get in to work and I take the bus, so… I’m pretty lazy in the morning.

U – Unique talent? I do pretty good dressing others (as in, “What Not To Wear” and the like) but amazingly enough can’t really dress myself that well. I always end up… missing it somehow.

V – Vegetable you refuse to eat? Eggplant, parsnips, zucchini, tomatoes, cooked onions

W – Worst habit? Talking while others are talking, spending money I don’t have, I have a lot of bad habits.

X – X-rays you’ve had? My intestines. See O.

Y – Yummy food you make? Apple pie with a caramel/pecan topping.

Z – Zodiac Sign? Cancer.