Back from Boston

We’re back from Boston, and boy are we tired! I don’t recommend driving to Boston from Minnesota. Really.

Pictures will be up tomorrow afternoon, but until then I thought I’d leave you with some pictures I snagged off the web of things we did or saw but didn’t get pictures of.

We stayed at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, home of my good friend (the bride), and also some others (read more tomorrow).

Eternally autumn on college campuses
On Saturday while I was at the wedding, A went to Fenway Park to see a Red Sox game.
Sunday we both went into the city of Boston and did some sight-seeing.
We found the Granary Cemetery,
looked across the water at the USS Constitution,
and ate calamari at an interesting Italian place (actually just down the street from these) where we heard the funniest things.

None was as good as the t shirt shop down the street, where the owner (in a thick, Italian-Boston accent) said to another guy, “yeh, well, he owes me a favah.” Really? Straight out of the Godfather. Or… something.