Last Few Days

The last few days have been interesting. Talked to on Sunday night and found out he’s been called back to his temporary job, and he had an interview on Monday, a second interview. He’s been out of work long enough – I really think he deserves this.

Talked to on Sunday night too. We hadn’t talked in 3 or 4 weeks (despite the fact that we live less than an hour apart). Amazingly enough, neither of us had much to say.

Tried to talk to . She hasn’t called me back yet. Huh. Did get an email though.

I’ve been broke all week. Actually brought all my change to work on Tuesday – $15 – so I could enjoy coffee until payday (tomorrow). Had minor crisis yesterday while driving to church, realized (remembered?) that my spending habits suck and I’m so crappy at finances and I might not be able to go to Boston for ‘s wedding. helped me out, though. We might be driving together. Instead of me flying alone.

Personal life has been… more exciting this week than it has been in a while.

was rough yesterday. Two of my junior high boys (OK, my only two junior high boys) were over-the-top last night, and I had to keep them afterward to tell them that if their behavior was ever repeated, I would send them home and talk to their parents. That’s always a fun conversation to have.

Small amount of hammock-sitting, too. Such a delight. I know thinks she loves hammocks more than anyone in the world, but I gotta say my appreciation for them is up there.

Co-worker gave me a Krispy Kreme today. It didn’t go so well with the Pop Tarts I was eating for breakfast/lunch. So later I had a Frappuccino and mustard pretzels for lunch/afternoon snack. Guess what I feel like right now?

Finally got rocks for the bottom of Monster’s fish bowl. They’re purple, and coordinate nicely with his red body and blue stripes. He really likes the rocks. Hangs out with them a lot. He’s much happier and more active, too. Plus, it keeps the water cleaner for a longer period of time.

Peace out!