Only Monster left…

Monster (my work fish, a male beta) is the only fish left. Bandit passed away on Friday night. I’m going to let the tank sit empty for a while to hopefully get rid of some toxins or just… let it be.

Had a pretty good weekend, even though I spent way more money than I should have. Rent was awesome, as was Tanpopo. On the way to Rent (we parked in the Fields’ lot) we stopped in so I could show Amanda the ballerina prom dress. A coworker of mine doesn’t like it, but he’s 50, so I don’t think he counts. We had a good time at Rent, despite having to sit through the first half next to these annoying middle-aged ladies, and then just being in general freezing cold the whole time.

Saturday morning I went to a meeting and secured a community garden plot for Amanda & myself. Then I did some cleaning (not much though) and took a trip to buy groceries and some stuff for gardening. Spent much of the afternoon on the balcony planting, with the cats wandering around the roof. It was gorgeous out. I think I could have gotten a nice tan if so inclined. Then I got my hair cut and stopped by the fabric store since I was out that way. Got some nice “scrim” to change the draping over my bed – white now instead of blue. Much better. My room is still a mess, though, so I don’t think you can really tell. I need to do laundry. And take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. And vacuum. Kitties shed a lot.

Watched “Miss Congeniality” and ate pizza for dinner. No, wait, pizza was Sunday lunch. Saturday night I made potatoes and chicken with mushrooms and garlic. And coleslaw. Eh, not too great, but not horrible. Next time, I’ll use the right kind of vinegar.

Sunday was spent waking up late (skipping first service and most of Sunday School) and then after Church going over to a church lady’s house to rake her yard with the youth group. We had a good time and were done by 1:15. Stopped by Target, indulged myself with Krispy Kremes which I’d been craving for weeks, and bought light bulbs. I know, terribly exciting. Youth group last night went OK, much better than the junior high lesson on the same. Only six kids though, and all from the same vehicle (most from the same family, plus 2 friends). It’s been a disappointing way to end the year, with declining attendance, especially since at the beginning of the year we were prepared for low attendance with the schedule change.

I did get to watch Crossing Jordan when I got home, despite the storm that blew through here. Drove very slow on the way home. But I kept myself company with thoughts of a charming guy and things he said. [remaining calm]