Trying not to go overboard

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. I go a little crazy on crushes. Really. Trying to control myself at the moment. If he could be, perhaps, a little less perfect and charming, that would help a lot. Thanks.

Have I mentioned lately (of course not, because I’m not so good at giving praises) that I have THE COOLEST ROOMMATE EVER. Not only did she buy me a beer last night to celebrate her bonus at work, but she is taking me to Rent tonight! Amazing! Today is the most perfect day ever. Tanpopo for dinner, then Rent, plus a very nice email from a perfectly charming gentleman. Really. I can’t stop smiling. One of my coworkers left early so he didn’t have to deal with my unusually-happy self.

Listening to: my heart beating. tha-thump. tha-thump