Look at the picture on this page. How can you not be moved when people do things like this? By the way, self-immolation is a Buddhist practice that, perhaps, you don’t want to involve yourself in. Just a comment after recent discussions about Buddhism.

I’ve been studying Vietnam and Rwanda lately. I know, depressing topics. Rwanda just because it was recently the 10-year anniversary of the genocide there. Over 800,000 people killed in 100 days. Amazing. Horrifying. PBS has some nice video clips you can watch. Vietnam because we’re going to start a series in youth group next week, to finish out the year, called “My Vietnam” based on the song by Pink. I think we’re going to talk about things that make us feel like we’re at war with ourselves, or things that give us great internal conflict. But I’m not sure yet. All I know is that I need to know more about Vietnam. I’ve watched some movies, read timelines and histories. I might need to spend some time on Saturday at the library. I wonder if they’re open the day before Easter?

Sorry if all of this is depressing. I’ll post Pink‘s lyrics later.