I got fish last night! Lots of ’em. (OK, 5, but that’s a whole chunk as far as I’m concerned, more than a handful.) I got a Male Betta to bring to work – eventually he’s going to live with a hydroponically grown flower of some sort. I’m leaning towards a Calla Lily, but haven’t yet found out if they can live with Bettas and/or be grown hydroponically. Oh, his name is Monster. He has been moved to his new container (instead of the one he came in) and now his color has returned (he’s red with some blue markings on his upper fin) and he’s swimming about quite happily.

At home, I got a 10-gallon fish tank (for the same price as the 5-gallon one!) and four goldfish-type fish. The black one’s name is Smoky, the largest (2-3 inches!) is Bear, and then there are two multi-colored ones that are Bandit and Muffin. I have some great pictures of the cats (especially ) trying to get at the fish and generally being cute. When I get my film developed….

The drama last night went really well – the kids did an excellent job, nobody forgot their lines, costumes looked great, nobody threw up, and everyone really liked it. even made a mention at the end that I was the one who wrote it, and everyone afterwards gave me great commendations.

I could seriously use some moolah right now. I probably shouldn’t have bought the fish. I forgot that I needed to get my prescriptions refilled…. oops. Yeah, so…. I don’t know. I’ve really got to learn to be better with money. I have made vast improvements. No overdraft charges in, like, 3 months! That’s real progress for me. And yesterday I remembered to get the oil changed in my car. Good for me. Of course, I need to get the tire patched so I’m no longer driving on the donut, but that costs money too. Soy estupido a veces!