This weekend (part 3)

Part of the concert involved special guest Jeremy Camp. I have enjoyed his “Stay” album since it came out, and have had a bit of a crush on him as well (which, as it turns out, wouldn’t work for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he just got married in December). I absolutely LOVE his music. There’s a song called “I Still Believe,” which is about life being crappy and still believing, still having faith. He told us that it was the first song he wrote after his wife’s death three years ago. If I’ve got my math and details right, he was 22 and they’d only been married a few months. Now he’s 25 (and remarried) – he’s my age. Then he sang the song. I had to try to keep myself from crying, it was so moving.

Also, after the concert I was standing by the Compassion booth, and an old co-worker came up to me. This was someone I’d worked with at the church I’d been fired from. She’s a super-sweet person – before I got fired she had me over for Easter with her parents, since I couldn’t go home and my family wasn’t coming up. Back in the fall I had been at a training session where (but not really, because they revamped their entire staffing structure at the church), and then shortly after that I found out that the associate pastor had left. I finally felt able to “release” the whole situation – I no longer check the website for updates, etc. Talking to this wonderful woman I found out that the senior pastor had recently left – he was the one who, essentially, fired me. I just don’t know what to do with that information. He and his family went back to California. Long ago I stopped thinking that I saw him on the street or heard his voice (although there was this one horrible temp job I had where someone down the hall had the same voice as he did and it grated on me every day and kinda put me on edge). Now it’s really over. I mean, he’s not dead or anything, but he’s definitely far far away. Yay.

Sorry if I sound like a horrible person, but what he did was awful, and I haven’t found a way to forgive him yet. While I’m glad things turned out how they did, because it obviously wasn’t a situation I wanted to be part of, and I never would have gotten to make the friends I have now or had the Arizona experience or anything else that has happened in the 2 years since, the experience itself is within the top 2 most horrible times I’ve ever lived through.

I need some lunch.

Listening to: Kenny Bristo and Bj Irmiter, “113” on the same CD