Mocha Malt

That’s right, today is BEAUTIFUL!!!

It is a Mocha Malt Frappuccino Day!

That is, of course, until you’re reminded of things like AIDS by this email article [link removed]I got today.

Nonetheless, it is beautiful outside. We bought paint yesterday. I was so giddy at Ace that I could barely contain myself. We got home and taped and spackled, and then were so excited that we painted the blue wall. Pacifica, it is. It took about an hour (we decided not to use the rollers, but just to do it with brushes). This morning, decided that she was unable to attend work today. She is painting and sleeping. I am jealous, but not overwhelmingly so, because my shoulders will appreciate the break. Our ceilings may not be that high, but it’s still work.

I am a Starbucks girl.

In my heart, I love to frequent the little hole-in-the-wall coffee places, the ones that have special drinks or remember who you are and what you drink every time you come in. But my tastebuds love Starbucks. They’re particular. This, of course, puts me in a state of conflict. Make the tastebuds happy, or make the social-consciousness happy? So I switch back and forth. Today I’m a corporate sell-out, but there’s a yummy drink on my desk.

Listening to: Van Morisson, “Brown Eyed Girl” (which I am not)