Lots of things

Bridesmaid dress FINALLY ordered. Bride actually had bad dream about me not being able to be in the wedding because my dress hadn’t come in yet. We don’t want that – I mean, we don’t want the bride having nightmares. That’s no good.

These beautiful shoes that I am wearing were a mistake. will tell you that the shoes are hideous, but I disagree. They are charming. And they perfectly match my burgundy pants. They’re Hush Puppies, so one would think they’d be comfortable. But they’re not. I got them second-hand at a local store, and they had barely been worn. I know why. I’ve always known they were painful. Somehow I forgot this fact this morning, when I put them on before WALKING TO WORK. 3 miles in painful shoes. Blisters on feet (multiple, that’s right) before I even got to work. So, sadly, away they will go. They’re so painful I almost feel bad giving them to Goodwill – some poor person will find them and think they’re a great deal and go home and their feet will bleed from these shoes. Alas. On the plus side, it means I get to buy shoes soon.

Our landlord told us we can paint! Oh, the joy! We walked to Ace Hardware last night and picked out paint samples, and then finalized our decisions at home. My walls will be.. some sort of “Grass” color (not Prairie, but another….). ‘s will be… Coconut or Caramel or some food that started with a C. And then the living/dining/everything room will be a beautiful yellow on 3 walls and blue on the fourth. I don’t remember their names. Very happy. My wallet situation took a down-turn this week, and is being so gracious as to allow me to pay her back when I get $$ next week.

This means our apartment/attic/living hole will look… NICE (read: not ghetto) when comes up next weekend. I’m going to take that Friday off so I can install shelves in my room and the living room as well.

We saw a totally hot guy yesterday at the gym. Now, I’m going to repeat this, in case witnesses yesterday didn’t learn. When you are at the gym and fumbling with some piece of equipment, and said cute guy comes over and offers to show you how to use it, by all means, let him! Even if it just means watching in wonder as his muscles ripple and move. Even if the only words you can find are, “uh, sure” or nodding your head. Try to smile. Try not to drool. If you can be so bold, make eye contact. Establishing any sort of positive contact/interaction with any cute guy CAN NOT be bad. Even if you make a fool of yourself, which I’ve been known to do many a time (story coming up), hey, at least you got to be in the presence of gorgeous.

I am naturally a very shy person. And, quite frankly, if anyone I’m with is braver/bolder than I, I’m quite happy to remain quiet and aloof (which other people see as b*tchy). Conveniently, yesterday was not being her usual bold brazen confident self, and I got to be the one to talk to cute boy. Now he’s mine. I am formally claiming him. Unless, of course, he has a wife, or worships Satan, or turns out to be otherwise undesirable.

Lest anyone get the wrong opinion of me, last night events at the gym were rather out-of-character for me. When & I would do open mic at the Coffee Grounds, there used to be this really good-looking guy who played a 12-string, and he was married, and he’d talk about his wife, and sometimes she was there, and sometimes she wasn’t. Once after we performed, he came over to us and gave us compliments, tried to encourage us, embolden us. I actually was unable to speak. He was that good looking.

And isn’t it a beautiful thing to be in the presence of someone that beautiful? God does great work! 🙂

Listening to: Zen Voyages, “Amazon Rain Forest”