Thank you thank you Marshall Field’s

All locals should go shop at the Marshall Field’s in downtown St Paul. They just helped me out a whole lot, and I didn’t spend a penny! Unlike earlier, when I LIED (or assumed that the process would be easy and hence over quickly) about having ordered my bridesmaid’s dress for ‘s wedding, I am now finally actually able to do that. It’s this small matter of getting measurements. You can’t do it yourself. They yelled at me for that and wanted to order me a size 16. I wear a size 6 pants. Yeah. All the bridal shops in my neighborhood, sans una, close before I get off work. And the one that’s left, well, it’s very popular and I just didn’t want to mess with that madhouse for the “small” matter of getting my measurements taken, especially when I wasn’t ordering the dress through them (over the phone to a company in Illinois, actually). Well, today I resorted to begging and pleading, and found out that if you act helpless enough and smile pretty enough, a very short woman (she was not much taller than my naval) who is super-nice will come down from Alterations and take your measurements. She has saved me. I am about 3 weeks late in ordering this dress. Thankfully, at least all the dresses are different colors, so they weren’t waiting for my order to send all the others in (matching dye-lots and all).

Thanks once again, Field’s!

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