Did I miss a memo?

Everyone is getting married. Apparently, I have missed some crucial memo or meeting or event where everyone hooked up. Maybe it was last week while I was sick (I am feeling much better now, thank you, just a head cold and a little cough). One of ‘s college roommates called over the weekend to say she’s engaged. This led to a discussion of exactly how many single friends either of us have left. Very few was the consensus.

I have gotten obscene amounts of sleep lately. Saturday I was showered, dressed, and ready to leave the house by 5. PM. That’s ridiculous. However, those… three hours of life were very productive.

Hopefully will detail her weekend on her blog. I am quite frustrated (no, that’s not the word… disappointed isn’t right either, distraught? perhaps a bit melodramatic… we’ll just settle for “upset”) about the turn of events.

Senior high youth group last night was good, even though only one kid showed up. We had a good time talking with her, and a very… serene time spent journeying the “exodus” story. Complete with dark room and candles. And purple sand to throw in the candle. Hopefully I can get some good pictures of the finished product to show here – a 5 week project in-the-making.

My single (very, very single) self is signing off for now to go back to the world of work. Well, not really work, seeing as there’s no actual work to be done. But I will be in my cube. My large cube. Larger than it will be in the future.

Think big. It will be OK. Small is good. Really.

Listening to: “Rock Me All Night” by Liz Phair