Should I take this as a compliment?

I’m walking outside to get some fresh air so that I don’t fall asleep at work. Coming back from Caribou, crossing the street, two guys in their truck turn off their very loud rap music so they can tell me I’m sexy. Thanks, I think. How is one supposed to respond to that?

Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately, that is, my apologies to my 1.5 readers.

Bridesmaid dress has been ordered for Betsy’s wedding. No pictures available anywhere, otherwise I’d share…. Actually, I haven’t seen them at all. What I know is that mine is lilac (we all get to wear different colors of the same style), they are full-length skirts and some kind of embroidered top.

I still haven’t made arrangements to fly to Sarah’s wedding in Boston. I’m mostly broke right now. Conveniently, the YWCA in my neighborhood is waiving its joiner’s fee until the 21st, so hopefully I’ll be able to join and save myself the $100.

More later… must finish making a table of contents on a 211 page document. 🙁

Listening to: Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean”