10 years ago: – I was 15 (yeah, do the math) – I w…

10 years ago:
– I was 15 (yeah, do the math)
– I was a sophomore in high school
– I worked at Dad’s store on weekends

7 years ago:
– I graduated high school and started college
– I got my second kiss (thank you, MB)
– I made some of the best friends of my life

5 years ago:
– I worked in San Francisco for the summer
– I was in love with *multiple* boys (only a few of which were in love with me)
– My parents divorce was final
– Alison started college

3 years ago:
– I graduated college and moved to Michigan
– I was very lonely in Michigan
– Several friends of mine got married
– Several cars that I owned died (in rapid succession, I went through 4 cars that year)

2 years ago:
– I moved to Minnesota after the church I was working at got rid of the pastor
– I was very cold in Minnesota, but not as lonely because Alison lives here
– Watched Alison go through heartbreak, and then find the love of her life, Josh
– I went through pain myself as I was fired from a job unexpectedly
– I went on the adventure of a lifetime to Arizona for the summer (Rodeo-Chediski fire included at no extra cost)

1 year ago:
– I made some great friends (see pic below)
– I was settling into two new jobs (they’re only temporary, but now I’ve been here… longer than I thought)
– I started losing touch with friends from college 🙁

– It is very hot at work, but cold and rainy outside (rain is better than freezing rain or snow though!)
– I’m applying to Seminary
– I’m healed a lot from my two negative church experiences
– I have two adorable cats and one pretty cool roommate (even if she was moody yesterday)
– I have a meeting at Church tonight that I’m not terribly excited about

– I’m getting my hair colored (I miss the blond streaks!)
– Who knows?
– Hopefully I’ll get to join the gym soon so I can look great for Sarah’s wedding in May

Listening to: Van Morrisson, “Best Of,” Warm Love